About me

I haven’t always been a life coach. But working towards helping empower people has always been at the core of what I do

Let people be heard

As a student I volunteered in the old fashioned mental illness hospitals where patients had little choice.

The grim compulsory Christmas outing to the local shopping centre where 3 stores ‘magnanimously’ stayed open for the patients to use still makes me shudder, but it really showed me the need for individuals to have their voices heard and some control over how to live their own lives.

An individual’s situation is unique

I then worked in the public sector for over 25 years, across a wide range of sensitive and nuanced social issues – this has taught me that whilst we usually draw broad conclusions the reality of every individual’s situation is different and services must never lose sight of that.

Network and community

In setting up a network called SEEDS (Survivors Empowering and Educating Domestic Abuse Services), I helped groups of amazing women worn down by years of domestic abuse to find their voice, and in doing so change their local services for the better.

Working with the Samaritans

And, 7 years working as a listening Samaritan has taught me as much as my qualifications – how to be an active listener, to guide conversations not lead them, be judgemental and to help people find their own answers.


I am a fully qualified member of the National Council for Psychotherapists (NCP)
with a Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP.


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