I had reached a point in my life where I was feeling lost and struggling to find the direction and enthusiasm that I had when I was younger. Philippa helped me to look inside and identify what was really important to me, and how I could use this to move forward with self-respect. Over a six week period I have really changed my outlook and there is no doubt that Philippa’s help has been of immense value to me. I feel happy in myself for the first time in years and I am confident that I can create a bright and fulfilling future.

Gary, Cheshire

I have completed four sessions of life coaching with Philippa Chapman. As a result I am now feeling much more positive about the way forward. Due to years of recurrent anxiety-based depression I had become afraid of looking for work although at the same time really wanting to. I have come away from Philippa’s sessions with a clear plan of action – what job I am going to apply for and how I am going to do it. She had a lot of good ideas and I now feel much more confident in myself.


From the first moment I met her, Philippa put me at my ease. I found I could easily open up to her and she was able to organise my jumbled thoughts. It is obvious to me that she is passionate about life coachIng and I felt our sessions were very thoughtfully planned and thought through. She has helped me so much and I will definitely go back to see her when I feel the need to talk to someone.”

Karen, Dorset

I met Philippa at a point in my life when I needed some direction, during a period when I had a lot going on but was struggling to find my way.

Over the course of a few sessions she gently helped me realise what it was I was looking for in a job and what aspects of work I enjoyed, what my core values in life are, where my priorities lie and she gave me some achievable, practical suggestions for making these things a reality.

Philippa is a warm, friendly person in whose company one feels immediately at ease. She used varied techniques to help me reach my own conclusions. I found the visual nature of writing things down on large, flip-chart paper very helpful to enable me to form a picture of what good looks like.

Within the space of a week after our last session I have already got two job interviews lined up!”

Belinda, Dorset

Thanks so much to Philippa’s coaching I now have a strong sense of my values and new decision making techniques. Meaning I am better equipped to move toward my life’s goals with self awareness and confidence. And by developing the practice of listing my achievements each day I have much more positivity and self-gratitude. Perfect.

Rachel,  Somerset

Philippa has been a huge help guiding me through difficult decisions during an extended tough period. Initially we were focused on my career, but Philippa’s advice has helped me steer through all aspects of life, giving me focus and clarity! I’ve learnt techniques, approaches and ways of thinking that I will continue to rely on throughout life. I have really enjoyed working with Philippa and I’m so happy to be in a much better and more positive place than I was when we started. People have even said to me recently that they’ve ‘seen a positive change in my aura’. Thank you Philippa 🙂 

Georgina, London

It has been a breath of fresh air working with Philippa. She is warm, engaging, interested and gently challenging.


I knew that I needed to change but didn’t know quite what or how. Philippa supported me to understand the issue and then identify my values and use these as a basis for decision making. Her creative approach helped me to understand my situation with clarity and perspective that I had been missing. Philippa worked with me to identify definite action I can take to implement changes.


The time we spent together has been genuinely transformative. This learning has helped me to make changes with the issue I identified, but also across other areas of my life. I really enjoyed the sessions that we had and look forward to working with Philippa again.”  Jill, Bristol

Working with Philippa has been revelatory.

She encouraged me to work out my true priorities and values, and it has been amazing having everything crystallised in just a few sessions – all the information was there, it just needed Philippa to show me how to discover it all for myself”

Lucy, Dorset

I feel like a completely different person. I feel nurtured. I have clarity. I have a direction. I feel stronger.

Vikki, Dorset

“Philippa has helped me make sense of a mass of thoughts and feelings that I hadn’t previously been able to act on. Her supportive, caring and positive attitude allowed me to take control and make a huge step towards my goal. I’m extremely grateful!”

Freya, London

“Philippa helped me to understand the fundamentals of who I am, what I need in my life to feel fulfilled and has enabled me to find ways to focus on the positives. I would never have got here on my own, and for that I’m truly grateful. After my sessions with Philippa I feel more able to be kinder and proud of myself, which is pretty amazing if you ask me! Thank you for everything.”

Emily, Dorset

“Working with Philippa over five sessions, has been an incredibly positive and thought provoking experience. With her supportive and non judgemental manner, alongside the visual nature of the exercises and discussions, I was able to really focus in on and come to understand my thinking. I have come away from it with so many steps to continue aiding me in becoming more confident and positive going forward.” Chelsea, London

It was beyond helpful to talk openly with Philippa and allow her to guide conversation and extract all the key information from my jumbled thoughts! I left each session feeling encouraged and confident in making future decisions and can’t thank her enough!” Camille, London

While Philippa was a complete professional, her open friendly manner made me feel very relaxed. She was able to summarise and bring my thoughts into focus in a meaningful way.

While obviously an intelligent and observant listener she never made me feel threatened and gave me the impression that everything I said was worthwhile. She was able to build on my experiences to suggest possible ways forward.


I value these sessions as they made me express aloud thoughts that I’d mostly internalised before and I’ve come to see connections between parts of my life which previously seemed quite separate. Thank you.” Grace, Dorset

‘Highly enlightening and it will certainly help me better identify my needs in business and personal life going forwards’

Emma, Dorset

From the moment I first spoke to Philippa, I felt so comfortable and open to talk freely about my life experiences and struggles. Philippa created a safe and welcoming environment, offering sound advice and guidance that has changed my outlook on life. Philippa’s coaching opened my mind and left me feeling positive and determined after every session. I would recommend Philippa to anyone looking to understand and/or change their thoughts, feelings and actions for the better.

Aimee, Somerset

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